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Welcome to Having a Larp

Posted by Ian on

Hi Everybody!

Our brand new website has a built in blog, so we thought we'd write one. 

After over 10 years of living in fields, whilst either having an outdated and unusable website or piggybacking on someone else's it, feels a little like Having a Larp is finally entering the 21st century. Just as soon as we can make the payment options work correctly...

Products photos are still being added for the stuff we've got in stock, as well as new products when they arrive, so it's all a bit busy for the part of the year when we're normally trying to hibernate (looking through the curtains with a "I don't wanna go outside in the cold!" vibe... )

Our event calendar is already pretty full for the year, with a few weekends of multiple events to get my logistics skills a-go-go, though there's still some time to arrange trips to smaller clubs and groups around the country. If you'd like us to come and visit you with a van full of exciting Larp equipment then let us know.

Thanks for reading and visiting our website (tell your friends!), our plan is to follow the standard blog posting schedule, so there should be another post in a few days, then another a week later, one 3 weeks after that, then peter out and hope no one notices...

(Incidentally, we're looking for guest bloggers, so if you've got something Larpy to blog about then let us know! )

See you in a field soon!